Monster Math for Android

Almost 2 years back, we started working on a math game that would make it incredibly fun for kids to practice Math. As a result of that, we first launched Monster Math way back in November 2014.

We got a ton of interest and feedback from both Parents and kids, as well as a lot of happy customers. With everything we learnt from that experience, we built a new Monster Math – with 4 worlds instead of 2, plenty of new characters, a platformer style game play, hilarious animations and loads of tiny refinements that made math even more engaging for kids.

Over this time, a grand total of 1.4 million users have downloaded Monster Math apps on the App Store. This is truly a phenomenal experience for us, which proves that there is always a market for products built with love and care.

Meanwhile, a lot of people who were not using iOS devices, asked us when we’d be bringing our apps to the Play Store. And we kept telling them – “soon”.

This week, we’re bringing the Monster Math experience to the Play Store – it took us nearly 3 months to port the entire game to a cross-platform SDK, and we’ll now work to bring it on more platforms soon.

So sit back, download Monster Math, and enjoy Math like never before!