Improving Animation Performance for PaperVision3D objects

I am currently working on a project that requires Axiis and Flex Charts to be used on PaperVision3D objects. The end result was a very CPU-intensive component, that would perform jagged animations.

While optimizing for performance, I had to perform several steps – listing them down here in case it proves useful in the future.

  1. Ensure that the MovieMaterial (used for the side) is instantiated with animate = false (unless you really need it to get updated frequently)
  2. Set interactive = false, unless you really need interaction with the charts (or any other flash movie for that matter) on the object surface
  3. Reduce the quality of the stage when an animation is going on, then set it back to high/best.

The last one is particularly useful in improving framerates without loading the CPU. Also it has very less impact – people normally do not notice the reduced quality when the object animation is going. Once it is done, you can set it back to high.

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